Public Limited Company


Public Limited Company

Public Limited Companies are those types of companies where minimum number of members is two and maximum number is two hundred. A public limited company has the limited liability of members but at the same time it has many characteristics as those of a partnership firm. A public limited company has all the advantages of partnership namely flexibility, greater capital combination of different and diversified abilities, etc., and at the same time it has advantages of limited liability, greater stability and legal entity. In this sense, a public limited company stands between partnership and widely owned public company. Identifying marks of a public limited company are name, number of members, shares, formation, management, directors and meetings, etc. The maximum number of directors shall have to be mentioned in the Articles of Association. In the grand of privileges and exemptions, the Companies Act has drawn a distinction between an independent public company and other public company which is a subsidiary to the other public company. At Tax freedom we assist you in formation of a Public Limited Company.

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